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Condala: Uganda’s emerging ecommerce startup


The ecommerce business has been flouring around the world for the past decade accounting for 14% of total retail sales globally. The emergence of ecommerce  has seen a significant shift in consumer buying habits. There are over 17 million internet users in Uganda accounting for 42% of the total population.

The ecommerce sector has aligned well with the objectives of the government of Uganda; which believes promoting entrepreneurship and innovation along with supporting startups for the overall growth and development of the economy.

More Ugandans now prefer to buy stuff online and hence Condala is here to offer its online shopping service to over 130 districts of Uganda. The growing culture of people preferring online shopping in Uganda has helped Condala to provide its customers with a catalogue of over 200,000 diverse products. Many products that were not easy to find in the local market are now available on Condala.

Overview of Ecommerce in Uganda

Ecommerce is of the key sectors that have been receiving a favorable response from the government. Ecommerce revenue in Uganda is expected to reach $2.5 billion by 2024. The sector is growing at a steady pace.

More ecommerce companies are launching every year while existing companies are launching new products to attract more customers as well as provide unlimited product options to existing customers.

About Condala online shopping in Uganda

Launched in 2021 and based in Kampala, Condala.com is not just an ordinary ecommerce website. The platform provides a variety of local abd global products to their customers in over 130 districts of Uganda.

The shopping website offers more than 20 categories to their customers ranging from mobiline phones, electronics, fashion, home appliances, beauty products, jewellery, sports, baby products, office products and many more.

Condala has a reputable presence on major social media platforms such as such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. They also have a blog covering various ecommerce related topics.

Condala provides latest and authentic products from top brands and offers completely free delivery on most orders.

At Condala, customers can choose to pay from their orders via money money, debit/credit card, PayPal, Bank, M-Pesa, Bitcoin, Condala Gift Card, Condala Credit and Cash on Delivery (COD).

Is Condala a trusted shopping site?

Yes, Condala is a trusted and authentic online shopping site in Uganda. It is a registered company and has been providing thousands of customers with authentic and high quality products. Condala also uses the latest security technologies to safeguard their website and customers. Buying from Condala is completely safe.

Is Condala Legit?

Condala is 100% legit. It is a registered ecommerce company based in Kampala, Uganda. It follows all the required ecommerce protocols to do a valid business that it operates in over 130 districts.  Thousands of customers across Uganda have made Condala a successful national brand.

Condala Uganda Ratings & Reviews

Hundreds of happy customers have given Condala positive reviews on highly reputable review platforms like Google Shopping, Hello Peter and TrustPilot. These reviews help Condala to improve their services. Condala takes every review something that has helped to fine-tune their services to global standards.


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